Frequently Asked Questions

General Inquiries

  • What is La Vie Health, and what services do you provide?
  • At La Vie Health Center, we’re more than just a private healthcare provider – we’re your partner in achieving comprehensive and personalized wellness. As a leading private healthcare facility, our primary commitment is to you and your family, working tirelessly to offer you exceptional care that caters to your unique needs.

    Our primary goal? Keeping you healthy before illness even has a chance to strike. We’re big believers in preventive care, early detection, and harnessing advanced treatments to boost your overall well-being. We’re not just about treating illness; we’re about enriching your life.

    Our services are as diverse as they are dedicated. From primary care to specialized consultations, diagnostic testing, and empowering individual & corporate wellness programs – our clinic has got you covered. And we’re not just about the services we offer, but how we offer them.

    At our state-of-the-art facilities, we merge compassion with the latest medical technology to provide accurate and efficient diagnoses. We make sure that every interaction, every diagnosis, and every treatment plan is a step forward for your health.

  • Are there any specialized services offered at La Vie Health?
  • We’re excited to introduce our Comprehensive Health Assessment service – a meticulous inspection of your health. This comprehensive health evaluation is designed to detect potential health problems at their earliest stages while crafting wellness plans that are as unique as you are.

    As a part of La Vie’s Point One Care Program, you will have access to our exceptional Medical Concierge services, a new pinnacle in personalized healthcare. This service is not just about providing medical support, but also delivering it with unmatched convenience through virtual consultations.

    We’ve designed this service with the understanding that every minute in your day counts, and your health concerns should be addressed with the ease and convenience you deserve. It’s about the peace of mind that comes with knowing your health is in safe and caring hands. With our Medical Concierge services, we’re taking personalized healthcare to a level you’ve never experienced before.

  • What are the operating hours of the clinic?
  • At La Vie Health, we understand that healthcare should fit seamlessly into your schedule, not the other way around. That’s why our two conveniently located clinics offer flexible operating hours, so you can focus on what truly matters – your health and well-being.

    Our Brookstreet Hotel clinic, located at 150-525 Legget Drive, Kanata, Ontario K2K 2W2, opens its doors from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday, and 9am to 1pm on Saturdays.

    Our second location at the World Exchange Plaza, 100 Queen St., Suite 940, Ottawa, K1P 1J9, operates from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday through Friday, and 9am to 1pm on Saturdays.

  • How do I make an appointment?
  • We’ve made scheduling an appointment at La Vie Health straightforward for your convenience. You can reach us by phone at (613) 231 – 3666 or via email at [email protected]. Our team is ready and willing to assist you in arranging your visit.

    If you prefer, you can also visit our website at La Vie Executive Health Centre and fill out the provided form with your details. Once submitted, a Patient Advisor from our team will contact you.

  • Do I need a referral to visit the clinic?
  • No you don’t! All new patients are welcome. We start your journey with our Comprehensive Assessment to understand your current medical problems, lifestyle issues, and to identify any risk factors.

  • Where is the clinic located? Is there parking available?
  • Our clinics are conveniently located at two sites.

    The first one is housed within the Brookstreet Hotel at 150-525 Legget Drive, Kanata, Ontario K2K 2W2. Our second location is at the World Exchange Plaza, 100 Queen St., Suite 940, Ottawa, K1P 1J9.

    And yes, absolutely – to ensure convenience and ease of access for our patients, we have parking available at both locations. We understand the importance of every minute in your day, so we’ve made sure you can reach us without any hassles. We look forward to your visit and are ready to assist with your health needs.

  • Can I get a same-day appointment?
  • We always try our best to accommodate same-day appointments. We have adopted a technology to help achieve that through our virtual care platform and our Tytocare remote examination.

  • What is your policy on confidentiality and patient privacy?
  • At La Vie Health Center, we deeply respect and value the privacy of our patients. We understand that the nature of our work requires us to gather personal information from you, and we assure you that this is done solely for the purpose of providing the best possible care and only with your explicit consent.

    Our confidentiality protocols exceed the legislative standards established by the Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA) and the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). These regulations set the boundaries for the collection, use, and disclosure of personal data in commercial activities.

    Your data is protected and stored securely, retained only as long as is mandated by law or necessary for the quality of your patient care. We firmly commit to never release, sell, or exchange your personal information for any reason. Furthermore, we have procedures in place to ensure your information is accessible only to authorized team members and our trusted health partners.

La Vie Health’s Point One Care Concierge Medical Service

  • What is La Vie Health’s Point One Care Concierge Medical Service?
  • La Vie Health’s Point One Care is designed to provide you with personalized medical assistance and comprehensive case management. As a member of this program, you will be assigned a dedicated nurse who acts as your personal health advocate, ensuring proper management of your health issues.

    This program offers peace of mind, enabling access to a team of healthcare professionals, including an on-call physician for health advice, regardless of where you are or when you need it. We not only ensure you receive premium medical attention promptly but also facilitate all medical tests and specialist appointments, allowing you to relax while we take care of you.

    Upon joining Point One Care, you’ll be provided with a contact information to your Nurse Care Coordinator and email address for immediate contact. Our healthcare professionals are ready to assess your needs, intervene on your behalf, and provide prompt responses to your concerns. Moreover, we offer TytoCare, a cutting-edge telehealth solution that brings comprehensive healthcare to your doorstep, allowing remote consultations and reducing disruptions to your busy schedule.

    For more information, you can visit our Point One Care Concierge Program page.

  • How do I sign up for La Vie Health’s Point One Care Concierge Medical Service?
  • If you’re interested in signing up for La Vie Health’s Point One Care Concierge Medical Service, simply give us a call at (613) 231-3666. Alternatively, you can visit our website and fill out the provided form. Once completed, one of our patient advisors will reach out to assist you promptly.

  • Can I request prescription refills online or over the phone?
  • Absolutely! As a member of La Vie, you can indeed request prescription refills online or over the phone. We offer a virtual care platform, designed with a key goal in mind – making your healthcare experience as smooth as possible.

    This online platform paves the way for seamless communication between you and our dedicated La Vie healthcare team. All it takes is a simple text message through the platform to request a prescription refill. Our diligent team will promptly handle your request and send a notification once it’s completed.

  • What are the key features of the Point One Care Medical Concierge service that set it apart from traditional healthcare services?
  • Our Point One Care Medical Concierge service redefines healthcare with an array of exceptional features that far exceed what traditional healthcare services offer:

    • Personalized and Dedicated Healthcare: With Point One Care, you’re more than just a patient – you’re a unique individual with specific health needs. We ensure personalized healthcare support, with an entire team of seasoned professionals ready to address your concerns. Each member is paired with a dedicated Nurse Care Coordinator to cater to all your medical needs.
    • Virtual Consultations: Our service extends beyond the clinic walls. Point One Care provides the option for virtual consultations through our cutting-edge online platform, allowing uninterrupted communication with a La Vie provider via text, phone, or video.
    • Seamless Care Coordination: Our medical professionals work harmoniously to provide seamless care coordination. We facilitate specialist appointments, handle referrals, and manage treatment plans, ensuring a well-integrated and efficient healthcare journey.
    • Enhanced Preventive Care: Our focus isn’t merely on treating conditions but also on preventive care. We strive for the early detection of potential health risks and promote preventive measures for maintaining peak health.
    • Long-Term Care relationships: At Point One Care, we believe in fostering enduring relationships between patients and healthcare providers. This continuity allows a deeper understanding of your medical history and evolving health needs, paving the way for highly personalized and effective care.
    • Premium Concierge Experience: Our ultimate goal is to provide a first-class, concierge-style healthcare experience, offering a superior level of service and attention compared to standard healthcare settings. At Point One Care, we’re elevating the standard of your healthcare experience.
    • Annual Preventive Assessment: Every member benefits from a detailed 90-minute annual physical, ensuring comprehensive screening and monitoring of any health concerns or risk factors.
  • What are the benefits of the new concierge program – the Annual Preventive Assessment?
    • Preventive Health Evaluation: We’ll thoroughly evaluate your overall health, spotting potential concerns early on. It’s all about catching and addressing issues before they escalate.
    • Baseline Blood Work: Our detailed blood tests are tailored to uncover any nuances in your health—whether that’s a deficiency or an early hint of conditions like diabetes or cholesterol imbalances.
    • Personalized Health Action Plans: Based on what our doctors find, we’ll work with you to develop an action plan that not only complements the Comprehensive Assessment’s findings but also ensures we’re addressing every facet of your health.
    • Risk Stratification: By getting to know your medical history and lifestyle, we can craft a health profile that’s uniquely yours. This way, we can pinpoint and tackle specific risks that matter most to you.
    • Functional Examination: Expect a thorough 45-minute examination by our top physicians. We’ll assess everything from your vital signs to heart health, ensuring you’re in the best shape possible.
    • Abdominal and Pelvic Ultrasound: This non-invasive ultrasound helps screen for any underlying abdominal or pelvic conditions, and will be a base for comparison with your previous ultrasound done with the Comprehensive Assessment.
    • Long-Term Health Focus: With us, it’s not just about today. We’re committed to your long-term well-being. By focusing on prevention and early detection, we aim to guide you on a journey of sustained health, understanding your needs and adjusting care as you evolve.
  • How can I make use of the virtual consultations?
  • Virtual consultations are a key component of our services at La Vie Health, offering convenience and ease of access. You can avail of our virtual consultation services through our dedicated online platform. Once you’re logged in, you have the ability to communicate directly with our La Vie healthcare providers, be it through text, phone, or video call.

    Whether you want to discuss a health concern, seek medical advice, or request prescription refills, this platform has you covered. It is also extremely beneficial during emergencies outside of our operating hours, providing a quick channel to reach out to a La Vie Health provider.

  • Are there any additional costs or membership fees associated with the Medical Concierge service?
  • Yes! This service has an annual block fee.

  • How will the annual block fee be billed? Is it a one-time payment or can it be paid in installments?
  • The annual block fee can be paid through monthly installments or one lump sum payment.

La Vie Health’s Comprehensive Assessment

  • What is included in the Comprehensive Assessment service, and what medical areas does it cover?
  • At La Vie Health Center, our Comprehensive Assessment service, averaging 5 hours, aims to establish a preventative and early detection approach to your health. This service involves a seven-step Comprehensive Wellness Assessment, carried out by our experienced team in one or two days, depending on your preference.

    The Comprehensive Assessment is organized into two phases:

    Phase One:

    • History and risk stratification review (30-45 minutes): A complete health history review and risk analysis.
    • Comprehensive testing (45-60 minutes): Various tests including ECG, pulmonary function test, audiometric testing, complete blood work, and vision testing.
    • In-Body composition Analysis (15 minutes): Advanced evaluation of your body’s fat, water, and muscle components.

    Phase Two:

    • Comprehensive physical examination and interactive health review (90 to 120 minutes): An in-depth wellness/preventive assessment.
    • Comprehensive diet and nutritional assessment (30-45 minutes): A personalized nutrition and supplement plan crafted by our dietitian.
    • Health Report and Health Action Plan/Explanations and Recommendations (15-30 minutes): A detailed Health Action Plan crafted by our preventive physician.
    • Fitness assessment: A detailed fitness evaluation, if requested.

    For more information, you can visit our Comprehensive Wellness Assessment page.

  • How do I schedule for the Comprehensive Assessment?
  • To schedule your Comprehensive Assessment, you can reach us directly at (613) 231-3666. If you prefer, you can also visit our website and complete the form. A patient advisor will then promptly get in touch with you.

  • What preparations should I do before going through the Comprehensive Assessment?
  • A detailed preparation package will be emailed to you with your itinerary once your assessment is booked.

  • Can the Comprehensive Assessment be done remotely or is it in-person only?
  • The Comprehensive Assessment can be done in person only.

  • How often should I get the Comprehensive Assessment done?
  • The frequency of the Comprehensive Assessment truly hinges on various elements like your age, risk factors, family history, and your health aspirations. After your initial Comprehensive Assessment, your doctor will provide tailored guidance on how often you should have it done. However, when you sign up for our Point one care program you be having an annual preventative assessment.

  • How long does the Comprehensive Assessment typically take to complete?
  • Our comprehensive health assessment is carried out in two stages. The initial stage involves a detailed examination that lasts for approximately one and a half hours. Following this, we delve deeper into the assessment during the second part, which typically takes about three and a half to four hours. This two-part process ensures a thorough and meticulous evaluation of your health.

  • Is the Comprehensive Assessment service primarily focused on preventive care or addressing existing health concerns?
  • Our Comprehensive Assessment service strikes a perfect balance between preventive care and the management of any current health issues you may have. It offers an in-depth analysis of your overall health, integrating screening for possible health risks and pinpointing any existing conditions.

    This dual approach fosters overall well-being, enabling us to catch potential health problems in their earliest stages. If treatment becomes necessary, our prompt intervention ensures you receive the best care at the right time.

  • Are follow-up consultations or treatments included in the Comprehensive Assessment package?
  • Upon completing the Comprehensive Assessment, you will receive a detailed Health Action Plan. This plan outlines your results and our recommendations based on the assessment findings. To ensure the smooth execution of this plan, your dedicated Nurse Case Manager will take charge of arranging all necessary referral appointments as suggested in the Health Action Plan, in alignment with the discussions held with your doctor during the assessment.

    Once we at La Vie Health receive all the results from the referrals and diagnostic tests, a final follow-up appointment is scheduled, typically about three months after the assessment. This meeting is a critical juncture where we meticulously review the findings and recommendations outlined in the Health Action Plan. It’s an opportunity for you to fully understand your health status, ask any questions, and receive further guidance or support as needed.

    Completing the Comprehensive Assessment, followed by the final follow-up appointment, marks the conclusion of your comprehensive health evaluation process. This journey ensures you’re armed with the necessary knowledge and guidance to take control of your well-being effectively.

    For ongoing health management and personalized care beyond the Comprehensive Assessment, we invite you to join our exclusive Medical Concierge Program, Point One Care. This elite program offers a plethora of additional benefits and services, meticulously tailored to address your unique health needs.

  • Is the Comprehensive Assessment suitable for individuals of all ages, or is it geared towards a specific age group?
  • Our Comprehensive Assessment is a universal health tool suitable for individuals across the age spectrum. It offers an extensive evaluation of your overall health and wellness, proving beneficial for young and older individuals alike.

    No matter your age, the assessment is tailored to focus on preventive care and spot potential health concerns, meeting the specific needs of each person.

    Whether you’re in the blossoming stage of childhood, the prime of adulthood, or the golden years of seniorhood, the Comprehensive Assessment serves as a vital instrument in paving the way for early detection, managing health conditions, and fostering optimal well-being. It’s a comprehensive look at your health that is as unique as you are.

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