Functional Medicine Evaluation (FME) Services

Functional Medicine Evaluation (FME) Services

Welcome to La Vie Executive Health Centre, where we prioritize your health and well-being through our innovative Functional Medicine Evaluation (FME) Services. In today's fast-paced world, maintaining a healthy work-life balance is crucial. Our FME services not only focus on individual health but also play a pivotal role in helping employers make informed decisions about the readiness of their employees to return to work.

At La Vie, we understand the importance of providing employers with quantified information to facilitate decisions regarding an employee's ability to resume work responsibilities. Our Functional Medicine Evaluation is designed to be a comprehensive assessment that goes beyond the surface, providing detailed insights through our proprietary and thoroughly-researched AccessAbility Protocol.

The AccessAbility Protocol: Unveiling Holistic Insights

Our AccessAbility Protocol is at the core of La Vie's Functional Medicine Evaluations. It merges two essential components - the Independent Medical Evaluation (IME) and the Functional Abilities Evaluation (FAE) - to provide a detailed and integrated understanding of an individual's health status.

Independent Medical Evaluation (IME)

Our Independent Medical Evaluation is conducted by highly qualified and experienced medical professionals. This evaluation aims to objectively assess the employee's medical condition, focusing on the nature and cause of any impairments. Through a rigorous examination, we aim to identify and quantify any measurable impairment that may affect the employee's ability to perform work-related tasks.

Functional Abilities Evaluation (FAE)

Complementing the IME, our Functional Abilities Evaluation delves into the practical aspects of an individual's capabilities. This evaluation assesses the functional abilities of the employee, determining their capacity to perform specific job-related tasks. By combining medical expertise with a practical understanding of the employee's abilities, we can provide a comprehensive overview of their health status.

Understanding the Outcome: Measurable Impairment, Disability, and Treatment

La Vie's FMEs are not just about identifying issues; they are about offering solutions. Our evaluations aim to determine if the employee has a measurable impairment and, if so, to understand the nature and cause of that impairment. We go a step further by assessing whether the identified impairment results in any disability.

Our team of experts evaluates the data collected through the AccessAbility Protocol to recommend the most suitable type of treatment or accommodation. Whether it's a medical intervention, rehabilitation, or specific accommodations at the workplace, our goal is to improve the employee's impairment and enhance their overall ability to perform work-related tasks.

Empowering Employers with Informed Decisions

One distinctive aspect of La Vie's FME services is their impact on employer decision-making. We believe that informed decisions lead to a healthier and more productive workforce. By providing employers with quantified information about an employee's health status, we empower them to make decisions regarding the employee's readiness to return to work.

Employers can use the insights gained from our FMEs to understand the specific challenges an employee may be facing and take proactive steps to support their well-being. This may involve implementing targeted accommodations, adjusting work responsibilities, or providing additional resources for the employee's recovery.

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La Vie Executive Health Centre's Functional Medicine Evaluation Services are not just a set of assessments; they are a commitment to holistic well-being. Our AccessAbility Protocol, combining Independent Medical Evaluation and Functional Abilities Evaluation, offers a nuanced understanding of an individual's health status. Through this, we aim to guide employers in making informed decisions about their workforce, ultimately contributing to a healthier and more productive work environment. Choose La Vie for a comprehensive approach to functional medicine evaluations that prioritize the health and success of both individuals and organizations.

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