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Explore the Point One Care Concierge Program for Premium Medical Care

Welcome to the Point One Care Concierge Program, where you'll get high-quality medical care, case management, and a personal health advocate. Our program ensures that you receive high-quality medical care, including a dedicated nurse and an on-call physician for health guidance. Discover how we can provide you with peace of mind, accessibility, and convenience in managing your health.

Benefits of the Point One Care Concierge Program

Your Personal Health Advocate

When you join the Point One Care Concierge Program, a nurse will be assigned to your case and will serve as your personal health advocate. They will ensure that you obtain appropriate medical treatment for any health difficulties while also giving you with unwavering support and guidance.

Anywhere, Anytime Access

Our program ensures your peace of mind, regardless of where you are or when you require support. You have access to a network of healthcare specialists, including an on-call physician, who are available to provide health advice and support when you need it most.

Complete Healthcare Solutions

The Point One Care Concierge Program provides comprehensive health care solutions. We not only ensure that you obtain high-quality medical care when you need it, but we also arrange for all medical testing and expert visits to be completed on time. Sit back, relax, and let us handle your health concerns.

How to Use the Point One Care Concierge Program

Using our program is simple and convenient. You'll be provided with a dedicated nurse’s contact information. Here's how it works:

Contact Us: Reach out via phone, SMS, or email.

Assessment: A health professional promptly gathers information and assesses your needs

Physician Consultation: Your medical concerns are discussed with our on-call physician, who provides recommendations, which may include contacting you or scheduling a medical assessment at La Vie.

Our program ensures prompt medical responses and follow-ups for various situations, including when you're not feeling well, require prescription renewals, immediate medical assistance, physician visits, specialist referrals, diagnostic studies, second medical opinions, and more. You can even schedule appointments within 24 hours through our hotline.

Fee Schedule for Uninsured Services

The fee schedule for uninsured services is included in your Point One Care Concierge Program or Wellness Membership. These fees are consistent with the guidelines of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario and the Ontario Medical Association. The provided PDF has a thorough fee breakdown. HST will be levied when applicable. Join the Point One Care Concierge Program today to receive a new level of quality medical care, convenience, and peace of mind. Your health is our top priority.

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