Vocational and Employability Assessment Service

Rehabilitation & Reintegration: La Vie's Vocational Assessment

In the aftermath of trauma, injury, or severe illness, employees often face the daunting task of resuming or maintaining employment. Recognizing the need for a comprehensive and objective evaluation, La Vie introduces its Vocational and Employability Assessment Service. This service is designed to provide a meticulous post-trauma analysis of an individual's job abilities, offering detailed insights that serve as a critical management tool for employers and a pathway to rehabilitation for employees.

Objective Analysis of Vocational Abilities

At the heart of La Vie's Vocational and Employability Assessment is the commitment to providing an objective analysis of an individual's overall well-being. The assessment covers a spectrum of dimensions, including physical, cognitive, emotional, functional, physiological, psychological, and medical aspects. This holistic approach ensures a thorough understanding of the individual's capabilities and limitations.

Tailored Testing for Individual Cases

Recognizing that each individual's case is unique, our assessments are tailored to the specific needs and history of the employee. Post-trauma analysis may vary based on the nature of the injury or illness. Our certified professionals conduct tests and examinations that delve into various facets of the individual's abilities, creating a nuanced and accurate representation of their current state.

Thorough Analysis and Clear Reporting

The results of the assessments are compiled into a comprehensive analysis that provides clear metrics on the individual's job abilities and qualifications. This detailed report serves as a valuable resource for employers, offering insights into suitable vocational options and potential barriers the employee may face. The transparency of our reporting allows for informed decision-making in the rehabilitation and reintegration process.

Certified Professionals Ensuring Respect and Courtesy

La Vie takes pride in its team of certified professionals who conduct these assessments with the utmost respect and courtesy. We understand the sensitivity of post-trauma evaluations and ensure that individuals undergo the process in a supportive and considerate environment. This approach not only facilitates accurate assessments but also contributes to the overall well-being of the employee.

Critical Management Tool for Employers

The Vocational and Employability Assessment offered by La Vie is more than a diagnostic tool; it's a critical management asset for employers. The detailed analysis helps employers make informed decisions regarding the best fit for individuals within the organization. Matching employees to roles that align with their abilities, skills, aptitudes, interests, and experience is paramount for both employee satisfaction and organizational success.

Investigation and Documentation

Our assessments delve into various aspects of the individual's background and capabilities, including:

A Path to Rehabilitation and Renewed Employability

La Vie's Vocational and Employability Assessment Service is a beacon of support for both employers and employees navigating the challenges of post-trauma scenarios. By offering a detailed and personalized analysis, we empower employers to make strategic decisions while providing individuals with a roadmap to rehabilitation and renewed employability. This service reflects our commitment to fostering a workplace environment that prioritizes the well-being and successful integration of every individual.

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