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Meet the Visionaries Behind La Vie Executive Health Centre

At La Vie Executive Health Centre, our commitment to holistic health and well-being is driven by the passion and vision of our founders, Dr. Hassan Sannoufi MD, CCFP, EM, and Reham Sannoufi (Samman). Together, they have created a healthcare concept that reflects a lifelong dedication to improving lives through preventive and comprehensive healthcare.

Dr. Hassan Sannoufi MD, CCFP, EM - Founder and Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Hassan Sannoufi, the founder of La Vie Health Centre, possesses a profound and personal connection to the field of healthcare. His journey into medicine was deeply influenced by a childhood experience where he witnessed his father undergo open-heart surgery, providing him with a pivotal understanding of the critical role lifestyle choices play in determining one's health. This early exposure ignited his passion for promoting the importance of lifestyle choices in overall well-being.

Driven by his conviction that primary disease prevention and lifestyle modification are fundamental to improving health, Dr. Sannoufi embarked on a remarkable career path. He delved into genetic research at McGill University, with a focus on identifying genetic markers for breast cancer. Throughout his journey, he has consistently emphasized the significance of early detection and lifestyle modification as crucial components of disease prevention.

Dr. Sannoufi's commitment to health care extended to expanding his knowledge of family medicine with a family medicine residency at Dalhousie University in Halifax. His dedication to the field was underscored by his role as the chief resident in the family medicine department during his residency. Since 2004, he has made a significant impact as an Emergency Physician in various hospitals across Ontario. In 2012, he successfully achieved official certification in emergency medicine and currently serves as a staff Emergency Physician at the Queensway Carleton Hospital. Dr. Sannoufi's unwavering commitment to preventive and comprehensive healthcare underscores his vision for La Vie Health Centre, where he believes that early detection, prevention, and even the reversal of the aging process are pivotal aspects of a healthy lifestyle.

Reham Sannoufi (Samman) - Co-Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer.

Reham Sannoufi, the Co-Founder of La Vie Health Centre, brings a unique perspective to healthcare, shaped by a decade of experience in management and finance. Her professional journey began with a Bachelor of Commerce degree, followed by roles at Shell Petroleum International, where she worked as a Cost Controller and Financial Analyst. After relocating to Canada, she continued her career at London Life Insurance, consistently achieving recognition as a top producer. In 2002, she joined The Royal Bank of Canada as an account manager.

Reham's transition into healthcare was driven by a deep passion for the field and a commitment to providing the highest quality care and services. In 2007, she completed a rigorous two-year executive MBA program. Her objectives are strongly aligned with ensuring that La Vie's patients receive exceptional care while optimizing the center's services.

In harmony with Dr. Sannoufi's vision, Reham is dedicated to promoting preventive and comprehensive healthcare, emphasizing a healthy lifestyle. Together, their innovative approach and shared commitment make La Vie Health Centre a place where well-being, preventive healthcare, and a quality lifestyle are at the forefront of their mission.

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